Substra Foundation is engaged in collaborative research projects. This page describes the Healthchain consortium and its project on clinical data. You can browse other projects by clicking the ‘Projects’ item in the navigation top bar.


AI on clinical data : Healthchain consortium

Recent scientific results have shown that AI models may soon be at the origin of medical breakthroughs. An ever growing community of physicians, biologists, mathematicians and medical entrepreneurs are looking towards AI to shape the future of healthcare. Their success depends on a crucial bottleneck: the access to medical data. The sensitivity of medical data limits their broad sharing and they are strongly protected. New solutions are therefore needed to enable collaborations between AI developers and medical data curators. Healthchain consortium gathers these stakeholders to develop jointly new collaboration tools that will foster both medical innovation and patients' privacy.

image/svg+xml 2018 June 2019 2020 testnet beta release 10M€ funding research phase large scale deployment (Morpheo project)

The HealthChain consortium has been launched in June 2018, receiving a 10M€ grant by the French public investment bank (Banque Publique d'Investissement, BPI) (via the call "Grands Défis du Numérique"). It gathers two AI start-ups, Owkin (the project coordinator) and Apricity, Paris and Nantes hospitals, Institut Curie and Centre Léon Bérard research centers, Ecole Polytechnique, Paris Descartes University and Substra Foundation. AI models are developed collaboratively by public and private actors to gain new insights in dermato-oncology, anatomo-pathology and fertility.



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