How to contribute?

Hey welcome on this page! You have already made a tangible step towards becoming a contributor :-)

We would be very happy to welcome you as a member of the Substra community and to receive your contributions to this collaborative effort. We favour particularly contributions to the following:

  • Substra Framework code repositories: all activities related to the source code, the security, the technical documentation, the roadmap of Substra. This will happen on Github as soon as the first version is open sourced, and is further described in the that will be made available then.

    • Animation: repo Github, technical forum, and dedicated Slack channels

    • Maintainer: Camille Marini

  • Contributivity simulations repository: this is an ongoing and open effort to explore different approaches for measuring the contributivity of differents datasets to the performance of a model trained in a distributed way on these datasets

    • Animation: repo Github, technical forum

    • Maintainers: Romain Goussault and Eric Boniface

  • Thematic workgroup 'Communication’: all activities related to communication, dissemination, animation of the community. This includes for example: original contents (blog posts, use cases descriptions), participation to and organisation of events, social medias.

    • Animation: monthly TC open to contributors, dedicated Slack channel

    • Lead: Talia Lliteras and Clément Mayer

  • Thematic workgroup ‘Sustainability’: all activities related to the sustainability of Substra Foundation and the Substra open source initiative. This includes for example: research on revenue models, answer to call for projects, study of new partnerships.

    • Animation: monthly TC open to contributors, dedicated Slack channel

    • Lead: Eric Boniface

Who is a contributor?

We have summarized on the diagram below the simple idea that ‘contributors’ contribute actively, whereas ‘enthusiasts’ follow the project and ‘members’ are involved in the administrative governance of the non-profit.