About Substra Foundation

Substra Foundation is an independent non-profit organization advocating for responsible data science and fostering new scientific and economic collaborations. It promotes, protects and advances the open source project Substra that enables by-design trustless, traceable, privacy-preserving machine learning orchestration. Substra Foundation aims at:

  • Gathering feedback on Substra usage

  • Synthesizing improvement wishes and proposing a common development roadmap

  • Hosting the Substra Github repository

  • Animating reflections on new collaboration practices

  • Proposing ideas to foster responsible data science

Substra Framework’s current main contributor is Owkin, a fast-growing health data AI startup, a core partner to Substra Foundation, which dedicates a full tech team to the development of the software first version. Its public release in Fall 2019 will kickstart the open source collaborations.

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Open positions

Here is the list of currently open positions at Substra Foundation:

  • Software engineer (Nantes, France), link

You can share it around or apply at jobs@substra.ai.